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I am Vanessa Raymond - International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Confidence and Success Coach, Educator, Mother, Wife ...

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, speakers, leaders and educators step into their true personal power.  When I say that, I really want you to create the life and business you desire, by owning your worth, living your best life, and earning what you deserve!

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About Vanessa

Education Leader, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Confidence & Success Coach

Vanessa Raymond’s Mission

Vanessa has the mission to empower entrepreneurs, speakers, leaders and educators by providing them the necessary tools to perform at a high level and help many people.

Vanessa has an extensive background in fitness and currently Vanessa owns Achieve Academy and she is the on sight fitness coordinator for Visa Corporate in Highlands Ranch, CO. Vanessa is certified in a variety of modalities including Pilates, Yoga, Weight training, Functional Body weight training and kettlebell training as well as other educational programs.

After extensively working with post rehab clients, dancers, athletes and performers, Vanessa saw a need for a cardio and strength training workout combination to complete their client’s total fitness needs.  After years of working with kettlebells, she filtered the most beneficial movements and training philosophies to make KFIT USA an educational program that the Fitness Professional can use on any client and/or population of people safely and effectively.  She has since sold this company which is now rebranded and known a “Iron Fire Fit”

Vanessa is also a qualified Massage therapist and Aesthetician. She ran her own mobile salon for 10 years.

She graduated with a degree in performing arts and performed professionally in musical theater and on the corporate circuit for over 20 years. 

As a dancer, singer and actress she gathered invaluable information through the years on how to understand and implement tenacity, confidence, self-image and discipline. Which now makes her an outstanding speaker coach.  Vanessa understands what it takes to be successful on stage and on screen.

As a result of Vanessa’s years of experience in the fitness, performance, beauty and wellness industries, she created her Victory Factor program which helps women improve their Self-confidence and Body Image.  Vanessa is passionate about helping people live their best life through believing in being their best selves!

Now she is also known as a very established sought after speaker coach as well as a confidence and success coach.


Vanessa Raymond’s Education

  • BA Degree in Musical Theater & Dance Tshwane University of Technology Pretoria, South Africa 1996

  • Massage Therapy Tswane University of Technology

  • CIDESCO - Aesthetician Licence

  • Extensive studies in Anatomy and physiology Tshwane University of Technology

  • DK Body Balance Pilates Certification UNLV

  • IDTA (International modern dance teacher certification)

  • Diploma in Body Conditioning and Post Rehab Specialist

  • Kettlebell Certified Personal Trainer

  • Fitness Business Training Certification with Achieve Systems

  • Iron Fire Fit (KFIT USA) Master Coach, CEC provider and National Presenter

  • ISSA Yoga Certification

  • Life Coaching certification from the Transformation Academy

National Educator & Business Owner
Author of Victory Factor Level I Self Image Certification
Author of Victory Factor Level II Specialty training program (Tween2Queen Mother-Daughter workshops)

Creator of the "Show Up Program"

Creator of the "Speak Up & Level Up Program"
Creator of Achieve Academy that has estimate 28 master education programs
Corporate Wellness Leader

Industry Mentor

Vanessa is a public speaker coach 

She is a confidence and Self-image coach

Vanessa Raymond mentors, other fitness & health professionals in writing education through her business Achieve Academy.

Vanessa Raymond mentors a team of 25 + education programs through her business Achieve Academy and helps them develop, take to market and form education businesses.


Vanessa authored her book “Power Confidence” - Your Ultimate Guide to

Unstoppable self-Confidence.

Company & Business Details
Vanessa Raymond

National Performer: Musical theater actress, professional dancer and performer in South Africa and the USA from 1997-2008.  Vanessa Raymond is an accomplished Dancer and Performer with numerous professional shows under her belt such as West Side Story and Grease to name a few.

Fitness & Health: Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, self-image coach and mentor 2003-Current including Onsite Fitness Coordinator for VISA Highlands Ranch, CO

Education: Owner KFIT USA Kettlebell Certification 2007- 2020

Education: Owner of the Victory Factor Certification 2011-Current

Education: Owner of the Dance Body Strong Certification 2017-2019

Business Owner Achieve Academy 2011-Current

Business Owner of Victory in Business 2020 - Current


Vanessa has many extensions of her business that she mentors as followed:

Education development mentorship program
Education program sales systems
Achieve Systems Biz Explosion National Conferences (3 per year)

Vanessa Raymond’s Achieve Academy was born in 2011







Vanessa is the CEO of Achieve Academy which provides fitness, nutrition and therapeutic education programs including the Iron Fire F.I.T. Kettlebell program, the performance therapy academy, the Diet Terminator, Core Nutrition, meditation program, Mixed Martial Arts and the Victory Factor, Concussion certification, Dance Body Strong and many other education programs that can be seen at

See the list of education businesses that Robert has developed.

Vanessa has worked with industry leaders such as Greg Justice, Dr. Oz Shafer, Guinness Book of world record holder Werner Berger and many others.

CEC program creation system by Robert and Vanessa Raymond wins industry honors and is turned into an online platform with fitness learning systems.

Vanessa and Robert are the authors of the CEC creation program and takes numerous industry leaders through the process of writing and developing education.  Robert has created a turn-key templated system for everything from writing the program, to getting it CEC approved to creating the branding and marketing campaigns to make it successful.


The Achieve Business Explosion National and International Events






Vanessa Raymond is the director of operations of the 4 business explosion conferences where she hosts her Achieve Academy master education programs. Vanessa performs many duties to ensure the success of these events including Presenter, MC, Admin, operator and leader.


Vanessa leads 3-4 events per year with 200-400 professionals at each event.

Leadership Team Leader

Vanessa has a team of 25 education providers under her leadership that she manages and helps grow business.


To book Vanessa or schedule a meeting contact her at

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If you want to schedule time for a no pressure discovery call - please email me -

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