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Power Confidence

Thank you for purchasing my book. 

It is also available on Amazon however, if you purchase here I can send you a signed copy.  Please make sure you live in the US if you order here otherwise please refer to the Amazon Book Store. 

If you are interested in buying my book in bulk for resale, then please contact me at: for wholesale prices.

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$20 Plus S&H


A little bit about this book

As a professional dancer, musical theater performer, fitness & beauty professional and multiple business owner I have experienced the loss of my own confidence due to image issues and limiting beliefs.  On my journey I have successfully overcome these beliefs and obliterated low self-esteem and lack of confidence.  I now teach people how to conquer these feelings and prosper at a high level in all areas of their lives.  My approach to this is practical and the principles I share with you are things you can implement in your life right away and see immediate results.

In this book I share how you can gain:


  • Tools to increase your self confidence through implementing daily habits

  • Unstoppable self-confidence to create the life & relationships you desire

  • Magnetic presence to create any career you want

  • How to maintain your positive self-image and confidence

  • Understanding how to communicate effectively with others

  • Simple tools that you can implement right away

Contact Vanessa

I have an amazing Killer Confidence Coaching Program available if you really want to increase your success by stepping into your Ultimate Confidence. 

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