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Three Ultimate Secrets to Unstoppable Confidence

Confidence is ever changing. Vanessa certainly understands this as she has had her own struggles with confidence and body image growing up.  Level of confidence can dictate success in life, business and relationships. Vanessa shares practical tools in an interactive way with her audience that can be used to yield result right away. This presentation is fun, high energy & powerful!



As a professional performer and highly successful business owner, Vanessa learned the value of accepting failure as a powerful tool to reach success. One important factor is showing up as the very best YOU! This isn’t always easy with all the challenges life brings.  Using a humorous, heartfelt and insightful approach, Vanessa shares how she overcame the obstacles of daily life to maintain a powerful image and build her confidence.


Step into your Power!

Self talk and the voices of others often affect the way we perceive ourselves and how we think others perceive us. When you truly understand the power within you and you understand how to embrace it and embody it, a whole new world opens up!  This is a presentation with life-changing content brought to you in a relatable, heartfelt and fun way by Vanessa!

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Vanessa is a seasoned International Speaker, Author, Confidence & Success Coach as well as multiple business owner. 

After professionally performing on stages around the world for a decade, Vanessa pursued a career in the Fitness and wellness industry helping people improve their quality of life by becoming healthier and helping them reduce pain. Vanessa understands the connection between movement and mental-emotional toughness for success in life and business. 

Vanessa is an educator and has created multiple national CEC approved education programs that impact the success of thousands. As a result of her experience in various industry’s, Vanessa created the self-image and confidence coaching certification program - The Victory Factor. 

Vanessa is a successful entrepreneur as well as Executive Leader and Director of Education for Achieve Systems, which is one of the largest health and wellness communities and coaching support systems in the industry. She is a wife and devoted mother of 3. 

Vanessa helps entrepreneurs, speakers and leaders to improve their confidence, create meaningful relationships and a powerful business image so they can be successful personally, professionally and financially.

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